Jada Sybounheuang, Birth Doula

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My passion to become a birth doula arose while delivering my own child; realizing then, the importance of feeling heard, informed and safe during this time. This realization inspired me to support others during their own birthing process. My primary focus is to support mothers in feeling empowered and confident during this multi-stage transition into parenthood.

I value the beauty and strength 
found in the rawness of giving life and am passionate in aiding people in finding the truest vision of their birth and encouraging it with support. I believe it is an honor to service families in finding harmony and comfort during such a pivotal moment in their lives. 


emotional support

I believe it is crucial that birthing people have a safe, no judgement space, wether that be to simply talk in or unload any fears/concerns that they may face during this time. I will always be available to speak through text and offer scheduled face-to-face meetings. Three weeks prior to your due date I will be available 24/7 via call. Before then same day calls can be scheduled via text.

I am not a mandatory reporter

physical support

I offer nutritional advice during pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding to keep you hydrated and nourished. As well as massages, aromatherapy, and multiple laboring positions during the birth to ensure your comfort.

informational support

I will help provide you with up to date, unbiased information from bump to birth to support you in leading the way of your birthing process.

supporting your family/partner

Help your partner/family be more involved so that they can better connect with you by providing them with information on how to support you during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

aid in


My job is to help you establish the truest vision of your birth and assist you in advocating for it, making sure I’m there to help you ask the right questions and discuss your options.

My main goal in this is to help you take control in your birthing space.

preserving the memory

While I am not a professional photographer or videographer I can assist in capturing the moment by taking multiple pictures and videos of the event. 


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